Common Cold Symptoms Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of a Cold

How to Get Rid of Common Cold

Cold can be most common disease that can happen to you as compared to other disease. Common cold and cough is actually your body's way of detoxification to recover from an illness, instead of being an illness in itself. Cold is caused due to attack of viruses like rhinovirus and adenovirus on your body.

Cold symptoms can mostly be seen in nose and eyes and its virus usually lasts for 5 to 10 days depending on individual immune system. Symptoms of the common cold may include cough, sore throat, a runny nose, red or watery eyes, and sneezing.

Cold is a disease that can transfer from one's body to others with some kind of attachments. Person who are blessed with healthy body have very less chance of getting this disease and even if they happen to get cold they can easily resist the virus of cold.

It is important to have strong immune system to fight the cold virus without facing there affects. Person with stronger immunity do not have to face painful affects of cold and they can get well soon from its virus attack. Common cold can be easily found in infants, children and young adults. The common cold virus goes through 5 stages.

Common Cold Causes

1. The main cause of common cold is to get caught by virus. There are about more than 200 viruses that can cause common cold disease and most common viruses for common cold are rhinovirus and adenovirus.

2. Another reason for cold is to be in varying weather conditions. If you happen to face different weather environment in shot intervals then there are great chance to get cold. Frequent hot and cold weather can cause cold.

3. The common cause of cold are the unhealthy diet person is living on. Diet which is full of junk food, processed foods, food that are spicy, oily and unhealthy can be reason to send invitation to cold virus to attack your body.

4. Excess of smoking and alcohol drinking habits can decrease the immunity level and result in cold virus.

Symptoms of Common Cold – Reasons of Cold Symptoms

The most common symptoms of cold are following
1. Blockage of Nose and Nose Running
2. Feeling of Illness and Fever
3. Painful Throat and Sore Throat
4. Chest Congestion
5. Severe Headache

Natural Home Remedies for Common Cold

How to treat a cold? Home remedies for colds are becoming more popular as there is no cure in sight for the common cold or flu. Pharmaceutical medicines merely suppress the symptoms and at best shorten the duration of the cold. Many of these home remedies do not require any medical knowledge so anybody can treat themselves.

Chicken Soup Recipe for Cold And Flu Symptoms
How to get rid of a cold in 24 hours? Of the most important things to do when you have a cold symptom is to drink a lot of liquids to combat dehydration and this helps to thin mucus. A favorite with many cold sufferers is a warm salty broth like chicken soup. This rehydrates whilst at the same time providing your body with important nutrients.

Crush 6 cloves of garlic and saute in 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil, until the color turns golden brown. Add into it a quart of chicken stock and boil. Now beat two egg yolks with 2 teaspoon of distilled white vinegar and add this mixture into the soup. Add salt and pepper to taste. Have it to make a cold go away overnight.

Gargling Is Effective For Reducing Cold Symptoms - Gargling with salty warm water to soothe the throat and breathing aromatic steam by pouring boiling water over chopped fresh ginger or aromatherapy oils such as eucalyptus or peppermint to ease congestion.

Natural Cold Remedies Using Ginger - Ginger also works favorably in treating the common cold symptoms. In both ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine, ginger is considered one of the best home remedies for treating cold symptoms. Cut small pieces of ginger and put it in the water. Boil this mixture. Once simmering, strain the liquid and add half a teaspoon of sugar to it. Drink hot.

Natural Cold Remedies using Warm Lemon Juice - How to get rid of common cold? The most effective treatment would be the lemon juice. Drink a glass of warm water and dilute the lemon juice in it. Drinking warm lemon juice mix with some honey at least twice a day will help in increasing the immunity and resistance level of your body.

Hot Garlic Soup in Home Remedies for Common Cold – Garlic is another product that contain antibacterial properties and very helpful in curing cold symptoms. Hot Garlic soup is very useful in removing the cold virus from the body. Take few pieces of garlic cloves and cut them in little pieces then boil these in 1 glass of water. This is the most effective treatment for 24 hour cold symptoms.

Ginseng as cough and cold medicine - Ginseng can also be used on how to get rid of a cold. Usually, different types of ginseng use different parts of the plant, like the roots and the leaves, in order to make the ginseng itself. This natural remedy is commonly used when there is cough present, and is very useful in boosting or stimulating your immune system.

Hot water Bath As Common Cold Remedies - Bath in hot water is extremely beneficial in cold and flu and it gives you relief from nose and chest congestion. While taking bath put your face on top of your bucket filled with hot water and take steam. It will give your nose relief from blockage and is good home remedy for common cold.

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Use Hing or Asafoetida for cold symptoms - Asafoetida can be used in cough and common cold remedies  Mix 2 grams of asafetida in a glass of warm milk and drink this slowly. It can be done two times a day and is effective natural remedies for reducing cold symptoms.

Essential oils can be used to treat a cold. Using tea tree, eucalyptus and peppermint aromatherapy oils is the best ways to cure a cold in 24 hours. These essential oils help to loosen mucus and heals the throat, nasal passages and bronchial tubes. Inhale vapors of these oils by putting it on a cotton ball, in a steam bath or an aromatherapy diffuser.

This is one of the best natural remedies for common cold prevention. Drink Warm water in short intervals will help immensely and give you relief in throat and is good cold cure.

Raising the humidity of your bedroom will help to get rid of a cold. This remedy help reduce the discomfort of a cough, sore throat, or dry nasal passages particularly in the winter months.

Licorice root is commonly used for treating cold symptoms, coughs and sore throats Have licorice for a few days as it is a natural expectorant.


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