Fast Conjunctivitis Cure Best Natural Remedies To Get Rid of Pink Eye Infections

How To Cure Pink Eye At Home Fast

Pink eye, also called conjunctivitis is usually an infection which occurs on the conjunctiva, a thin membrane on the exterior of eye. It is named pink eye because of the light red color, which is a result of inflammation, itching, burning sensation and swelling. Viral and bacterial forms of conjunctivitis are common in childhood. It is hard to prevent your child from developing pink eye symptoms because it often occurs with colds. See: How To Get Rid Of A Cold

Pink eye causes itching, swelling and pain in the eye. How to get rid of pink eye fast? You can try eye infection home remedy on how to get rid of pink eye at home. A cold compress is one of the most effective remedies for styes or conjunctivitis.

Cold compresses is one of the best pink eye home remedies that can help in soothing the inflammation. Cold clean water eye wash can work wonders as an eye infection home remedy. Any soothing eye gels are good for pink eye treatment; however, it is best to avoid any chemical or medicines usage for conjunctivitis treatment.

Pink Eye Causes

Virus and bacterial attacks on the eye are the main causes of pink eye. The infection forces your eye to have swelling, pain and redness on the outer side of the eye or sometimes, inside the eye too. Other conjunctivitis causes include excessive exposure to chemicals. This can be either smoke released from factories, vehicles or chemicals contained in water which comes in contact with your eyes directly or indirectly.

There are just so many pink eye causes. One of the main reasons for conjunctivitis is exposure of your eye to harmful conditions. Bad hygiene levels also cause eye diseases. If your surroundings are not clean and someone is suffering from conjunctivitis disease, this infection can turn into an epidemic.

One of the major causes of pinkeye is coming in contact with an infected person. When you share things with a person already infected, you increase the chances of getting a pink eye infection. For example, using the hand towel of an infected person will also fetch you the infection because the infected person’s hands will have germs, bacteria and viruses the most after his/her eye. And when you use your finger to rub your eye, you are sending those infections to your eye as well.

People with sight issues who wear contact lenses are also at higher risks. If you are not cleaning your contact lenses properly, you are exposing your eyes to bad conditions. Moreover, if your immune system is not good then chances of getting infections increase too. Women using eye makeup such as mascara are also prone to pink eye infection as bacteria accumulate in the tube after sometime.

Symptoms of Pink Eye Infection

We need to know the symptoms of pinkeye disease so as to have effective pink eye home remedy. Here are some pink eye symptoms that might want to know:

Straining of eye or bacteria or virus attack on your eye is the leading cause of pink eye diseases. Straining usually occurs when one works for prolonged hours under the artificial lighting system. Swollen eyes, irritation, sensing foreign object in the eye when there is nothing, excessive water discharge or itching in eye etc. are some of the conjunctivitis symptoms.

Pink Eye Treatment - Home Remedies for Pink Eye

Inflammation is one of the most common symptoms of pink eye. You can get itchy and red eyes but after sometime, you might also encounter excessive water secretion from the eye. Home remedies can be used to deal with such situations. In serious conditions, formation of pus is observed. This pus usually gathers on the lashes of the eye. Let’s have a look at widely used and effective home remedies for pink eyes:

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honey for pink eye
honey for pink eye

Pink eye home remedies - Honey for pink eye: For treating conjunctivitis symptoms you can try honey and Gooseberry mixture. For this treatment, you are required to take two tea spoons of honey with one cup juice of gooseberry. Mix it well. Consume this mixture twice a day daily for treating pink eye diseases. It is a wonderful pink eye home remedy.

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pink eye symptoms
coconut oil for pink eye

Pink eye home remedies - Coconut oil for pink eye: Coconut oil remedies for pink eye contagious can relieve itchiness, minor burning or stinging. It is a gentle antimicrobial treatment that can be applied topically to cure all three types of conjunctivitis – viral, bacterial or allergy-induced. Coconut oil contains Lauric acid, a saturated fat with healing properties, which may help reduce inflammation.

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Pink eye remedies - Coriander seeds eyewash for sore eyes and conjunctivitis treatment: Coriander seeds can help you in getting rid of pink eye symptoms. Take 60 ml of water and put coriander seeds in it. Wash your eye with this decoction. If you have a burning sensation in your eye, swelling and pain this conjunctivitis home remedies can help. Not only pink eye, but this decoction also helps in relieving chronic bronchitis.

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apple cider vinegar pink eye
apple cider vinegar pink eye

Pink eye home remedies - Apple cider vinegar pink eye remedy: Apple cider vinegar treats bacterial infection in a natural way since it has antibacterial properties. It's important to make a diluted solution with the ACV for pink eye treatment. Mix 1 tablespoon of pure apple cider vinegar with a cup of water. Use this diluted mixture to cleanse your eyes by using a cotton ball to help get rid of bacterial conjunctivitis.

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How to get rid of pink eye - Consume vitamins to cure pink eye at home fast: Eating foods rich in Vitamin A and B2 (Riboflavin) is also be helpful in another best home remedy for pink eye contagious. Many fruits, vegetables, and dairy products are good sources of vitamin A. Riboflavin is found in eggs, nuts, dairy products, meats, green vegetables, citrus fruits, tomatoes and bananas.

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Vegetable juices for conjunctivitis treatment: Drinking raw vegetable juices made from carrot and spinach is also known to be a good home remedy for relieving conjunctivitis symptoms. Mix 200 ml of spinach juice with 300 ml of carrot juice. Pour a glass and drink it to get rid of pinkeye in one day. This natural pink eye remedy is effective for conjunctivitis in toddler.
green tea for pink eye
green tea for pink eye

Pink eye home remedies - Green tea for pink eye treatment: Green tea is rich in antioxidants that are called flavonoids and tannins that may help to treat eye infections. Use green tea bag as a compress on affected eye for several minutes 3 to 4 times a day to get rid of pink eye.

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There are many home remedies for pink eye, which can be used to get rid of pink eye symptoms, but the above mentioned are the ones which are used widely on how to cure pink eye at home fast.


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