Gargling Salt Water Remedies for Sore Throat Symptoms

Sore Throat Remedies - Gargle for Sore Throat 

Gargling salt water for sore throat is one of the best sore throat remedies used to help get rid of painful sore throat symptoms. The gargling with salt solution for sore throat treatment should be done as often as required. Does Gargling with salt water ease a sore throat?

Sore throat inflammation is caused by the bacteria and other kinds of germs that cause destruction while present on the soft tissue of the throat. The drying out capability of salt reacts with the inflammation and helps in relieving sore throat symptoms.

We must also realize that gargling for sore throat does not directly cure this disease. The salt solution only provides relief from pain and reduces the swelling as well. Salt is considered as a natural dehydrator used in preservation and preparation of food to draw out the liquid content of foods such as salmon. This function of salt is also the same reason by which salt is used in treating sore throat.

Salt is an effective component of the salt water gargle in relieving effects of sore throat since it can dry out the water content of an inflammation of the sore throat or an edema and kill the bacteria. Bacteria that cause sore throat require a wet but warm environment to linger and continue to grow and multiply.

Salt Water Gargle 

salt water gargle
Salt water gargle

How to gargle? Gargle for sore throat can be done using a mixture of salt and water. The mixture is effective in reducing sore throat symptoms. The salt mixture is prepared by adding a half teaspoon of table salt with a cup of warm water.

The salt water gargle solution should be used in rinsing and gargling up to the throat in a considerable amount of time before spitting out the mixture. You can gargle with the solution once in each hour. The presence of a postnasal drip would require you to gargle with saline solution often to prevent more irritation of the sore throat.

Gargling salt water for sore throat by children should either be avoided or be guided since some children would not understand the reason for this and just swallow the mixture. However, older children may easily understand that it is essential to spit the solution after gargling.

Gargling salt water for sore throat
Gargling salt water for sore throat
Also remember not to overdo gargling sore throat remedies since too much salt in your throat may harm the mucosa. One should also remember to gargle in moderation. If symptoms of sore throat still persist or worsen, then you must visit your doctor at once. Salt water gargle is also one of the best remedies for tonsillitis and cough.
gargling salt water for sore throat
sore throat treatment

Salt water gargle for sore throat treatment can also be done with some additional ingredients aside from the mixture of water and salt. You can add turmeric powder or astringent in the salt solution. Such additional substances you can add to the mixture are sumac, alum, sage and bayberry which is also known as Ayurvedic medicine for treating sore throat symptoms.

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