What is pink eye? Home Remedies for Conjunctivitis Symptoms

How To Get Rid Of Conjunctivitis

Many people, especially children, experience conjunctivitis or pink eye. Pink eye is the inflammation and infection of the conjunctiva (a transparent membrane) that lines a section of the eyeball and the eyelid. When the blood vessels in this area get infected, they become more salient – and that’s what causes the pink or red tone to the white part of the eye. Usually, the infection begins in one eye and eventually spreads to the other.

What are the causes of pink eye ? One of the most common causes of pinkeye in infants and young children is bacterial conjunctivitis. Large outbreaks of pink eye infections are often seen kids because they often get respiratory tract infections and colds from being around children in settings like daycare and elementary school.

Conjunctivitis may occur in a newborn child through making contact with their mother during birth. The main bacteria strains that cause it are H. influenza and S. pneumonia. Viral conjunctivitis is another main cause and is sometimes accompanied by a sore throat.

Viruses or bacteria in the eye, dryness from overexposure to wind and sun, exposure to chemicals, fumes, and smoke, and even allergies most often cause the infection in adults. Pink eye caused by viruses or bacteria is highly contagious and spread easily, especially among children. These forms of eye infections is most often spread through poor hand washing, and sharing washcloths or hand towel, borrowing eye makeup etc.  See: Allergic Pink Eye Symptoms

What are the symptoms of pinkeye ? Some of the most common symptoms include eye redness, itching and burning of the eyes, swollen eyelids, eye drainage, and mild sensitivity to light, a foreign body sensation in the eye.

How long does it take to get rid of pink eye ? If you or your child has eye infections, you shouldn't go to daycare, school, or work until symptoms improve. If bacteria caused the infection, you can usually return to school or work within 24 hours of beginning an antibiotic treatment. If it was caused by a virus, you can usually return back to school or work within 3-5 days. The recovery period on this type is a bit longer because medicine isn't used to treat it, so it's important to avoid spreading it to others.

How to Get Rid of Pink Eyes - Home Remedies for Pink Eye

How to get rid of conjunctivitis ? Very often the pinkeye infections can be treated by applying natural remedies, which you can use from the comfort of your home.
home remedies for conjunctivitis
conjunctivitis symptoms

Try using honey for pink eye, it is a good home remedy. How to use honey to cure signs and symptoms of pink eye ? Either add a few drops of the honey directly to the eye, or put into 2 cups of boiling water 3 tablespoons of honey, allow it to dissolve, and again use the mix as an eyewash twice each day. Honey contains natural anti-bacterial properties which will promote healing of the eye infection.
home remedies for pink eye
home remedies for pink eye

You can also apply apple cider vinegar for pinkeye remedy. Treat your eyes with the apple cider vinegar solution. Pure apple cider vinegar is a simple and safe, natural antibiotic. Cleanse the eyes by using ACV solution to get quick relief from symptoms of conjunctivitis contagious.
how to get rid of pink eye

You can consider using pure essential oils to treat pink eye infections symptoms. Lavender essential oil is probably one of the quickest, most effective essential oils for pink eye. Before using essential oils for your eye infection, always contact your doctor.

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Aloe vera herb is effective as conjunctivitis home remedy. Try soaking a cloth with the juice of Aloe Vera, place the cloth over the affected eye for a few minutes regularly, the juice of the aloe vera can also be used as an effective eye wash for pink eye contagious.
What is pink eye
how to get rid of conjunctivitis

You can use chamomile in viral conjunctivitis treatment. It can relieve dry and inflamed eyes due to its relaxing and calming effects. Use the flower of Chamomile, add 1 teaspoon of the flower to 1 cup of cool boiled water, let the mixture soak for about 10 minutes, strain off the residue, and use the liquid as an eyewash to alleviate your symptoms.

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Home remedies using potato is effective to get rid of conjunctivitis. A slice of raw potato placed on the eye will help reduce inflammation by the action of its natural astringent properties. A poultice can also be made from potato, which if used for three consecutive nights can prove to be another natural remedy in the healing of pink eye contagious.

Breast milk has the ability to treat and cure eye infections. Applying a little breast milk can go a long way in curing symptoms of pinkeye in babies.

You can use salt water for eye infection. Mix 1 teaspoon of salt in 500 mL of cooled, boiled water and rinse your eye with a salt water solution to get rid of pink eye symptoms.

How to Cure Pink Eye at Home Fast

To help reduce your pain and keep your eye free of drainage, there are a few steps you can take. Contact lens wearers may need to temporarily stop wearing their lenses and wear glasses until their symptoms are gone. You should also make sure to thoroughly rinse your contacts with quality products and the case that they’re stored in.

Warm and cold compresses is another of the best conjunctivitis home remedies. If the pinkeye is caused by allergies, apply a cold compress several times per day until all symptoms have passed. If conjunctivitis in infants are caused by an infection, use a warm, moist heat compress to help reduce swelling and redness. Use a clean washcloth each time so you don't spread the infection from one eye to the other.

Finally, wipe from the inside out when cleaning your eye by starting with the area by your nose. If you use a tissue or other disposable material, make sure you put it in the trash as soon as you’re done using it. Make sure to wash your hands immediately after this to prevent it from spreading, this will also help in conjunctivitis treatment.

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These are some of the best natural, herbal, home remedies for pink eye. You should repeat these pinkeye remedies to improve complications and get rid of conjunctivitis fast at home.

How to Prevent Pink Eye - Pinkeye Prevention Tips

  • Pink eye is highly contagious. Do you know how to prevent it? You can take some precautionary measures to avoid getting pink eye in the future. Here are several helpful tips that can help prevent conjunctivitis symptoms from returning.
  • Your eyes are the most vulnerable to infections. Sharing eye makeup, eye medicine, contact lens equipment, containers, or solutions can lead to eye infections. So Don’t share these with anyone.
  • Don't try wearing makeup again until your eye infection is completely cured. If a virus or bacteria caused your pinkeye, throw away your old makeup and buy new.
  • Always wash them before and after you treat pink eye or touch your eyes or helping someone apply eye makeup.
  • Don’t share towels, linens, pillows, or handkerchiefs with others to prevent conjunctivitis contagious.
  • In the wind, heat, or cold, wear eye protection to prevent pink eye symptoms such as pain and irritation.
These are some of the effective tips for pink eye prevention.


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